Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welcome To The Collection

Remember last post when I mentioned that I had another autograph coming my way? Well, I finally got it in the other day and I am thrilled to finally say I have a Yogi Berra signed baseball in my Yankees Signed Ball PC.

This was one autograph I have wanted in my collection for a while now. But for some reason, I could never get one. I missed appearances. I didn't want to pay what his kids were charging over on the Yogi web site. There was always a reason why Yogi's autograph never made it into my collection. I mean, I have a couple of certified autographed cards but not the one thing I really wanted.

I finally had a chance to pick up his autograph at a recent card show I went to. I passed by a table that was lined up with autographed baseballs from various players. As I was drooling over some of the plavers I saw on the table, when I saw a signed Yogi ball. I asked the dealer how much he was asking. 90.00 was the reply. Too rich for my blood, I thought. I thanked the dealer and started moving along when he suddenly told me he would let it go for 75.00.


I casually told him I would think it over and calmly walked away for a few feet then ran to the ATM and got the money.

I walked back to the table and  bought the ball. During the transaction, we were discussing some of his autographed hockey pucks, including a clear Washington Capitals puck signed by Alexander Ovechkin. I made a mental note regarding some of the puck he had for future purchases. After a bit, I bid farewell to the dealer and headed home.

Once I got home, I sat down and pulled the ball out of my bag to admire it's Yogi goodness. The ball was wrapped in some sort of clear wrap, which I will remove and as I thought about my score I noticed that Yogi's signature all of a sudden looked a lot like Chuck Knoblauch's. Hey, wait a minute. It was Chuck Knoblauch's autograph. Thankfully, I had the dealer's card and I rushed to call him. Lucky for me, the dealer had realized the mistake and held on to the ball for me. He asked that I send the Knobby to another customer, who bought the ball after I left and he would send me Yogi. True his word, Yogi came in the mail soon after.

Ta-da! Finally, I added a Yogi Berra signed ball to my Yankees PC. This is the one player I felt I needed in my collection and I'm so happy to cross him off the list. Once I get up a display of my signed baseballs, I will put him in between my Whitey Ford and Don Larsen signed baseballs.

So, now that that hunt is over, it's time to start another pursuit for my Yankees signed ball PC. The collection looks kind of empty with out you, Mr. Winfield.

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