Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Would I Spend $1,600.00 On?

One thing I love to do is to search the internet and find new blogs to read. I came across a blog called Drop The Gloves. There is a bat around blog where you are asked one question: How Would You Spend $1,600 For Cards On eBay? Here is the link to the blog: http://www.fightstrap.com/blog/2013/04/19/marathon-bombers-boston-and-a-contest/

 Admittedly, I had a hard whittling down the list I came up with. I came up with so many cool cards. Cards I have always wanted to add to my PC's, but after playing around with the list a bit, I was able to come up with 3 cards I would kill to have in my collections. They cover teams and players I collect, both vintage and modern. Here are the three cards I chose

1-2010-11 Mike Bossy UD The Cup Base Patch Parallel # 1/10-Buy It Now-149.99

I have autographs and game used cards in my Bossy PC. But I do not have a patch card in my collection. The one I chose has a gorgeous three color patch from what was the home uniform. Back when I first started watching hockey many, many moons ago, the whites were the home and the colored were the road unis. I miss those days.

2-2008 UD Premier Bat Barrel Mark Texieira-Buy It Now $449.99

I know. For that price, I could probably own a whole Teixeira game used bat. But since we are just spending our theoretical $1,600.00 on cards, this would be one card I would absolutely love to own. I'm betting this was a piece of a bat used from his days as a Texas Ranger, but I do not care. I have always wanted to own a bat barrel card and the chance to own one from one of my favorite players would be too good to pass up.

3-1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie PSA 4.5-Buy It Now $990.00 

The number one card I have to buy before any other would be a 1965 Topps Joe Namath rookie card, the card to own from the 1960's. Originally, I was looking for a raw card as I generally do not collect slabbed cards. But the ones I saw were not in great shape, not that a grade 4.5 is. But this one looks better than the others and at the Buy It Now price, I could still pick up the other 2 cards for my collection. This card would be the centerpiece of my New York Jets PC.

So, there you have it. the 3 cards I would pick up if I could spend $1,600.00 on cards on eBay. I'm sure I probably could have gotten more if I played around some more, but if we are talking quality, then I don't think I could have picked a better 3 cards to add to my collection. Maybe one day, I will be able to. But for now, I will drool over these pictures. 


  1. I'm hesitant to allow New York fans, particularly Yankees fans, into my contest, but I'll let it slide this time.

    1. I appreciate it sir. I pride myself on not being the typical New York fan and I'm generally a pretty cool guy.

  2. Whoa, there it is: THE Namath.
    No doubt, that's a great card, though (wait for it) I think the Earl Faison is the best of the set. ; )

    These are phenomenal picks and were I to find the Padres equivalent to the Teixeira Premier Bat Barrel, I'd chase it down!

    1/ cards rule, I don't care how high the /### goes. Go get that relic!

    I have to say, I like that you went with just cards. I added two sets to chase down in my list, but the reality is I enjoy and look through my singles much more than I have been the sets. I've got to remedy that...

    I'm digging your blog and it's one of the best blog names around. Heck yeah I've got you on the blogroll!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I enjoy your blog as well and read just about every entry.

      I had thought about it more, I might have added a set or two to the shopping spree. I would love to put together the Topps 1971 baseball set as well as pick up some cards for my vintage Yankees, Jets and Knicks team sets I'm am attempting to put together.

      Appreciate the kind words and thank you for reading the blog.