Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Sports Collecting New Years Resolutions

Everyone has them. Some keep them, while others will try for a day or so then revert back to their usual ways. I have resolutions just like everyone else. Personal, and otherwise. For this blog, I will list my ten sports collecting resolutions for the upcoming year, in no particular order:


This seems to be a resolution every year for me, but I do really need to organize my boxes upon boxes upon boxes of Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Islanders and Devils cards. I have already started with the Yankees, which take up the bulk of my collection. Organizing usually is a calming thing for me. To sit down and go through all my cards, seeing cards I forgot I have, putting them into their proper boxes is a soothing thing for me, but when my back starts hurting, the repetiton and finally the reality that for as much work as I put in to the organizing, I barely make a dent in the organizing. This year though, I vow to see it through so I can finally see what I have, scan and catelouge the cards. I really want to know just how many cards I have already.

-Complete Team Sets

I believe I have completed Yankee team sets going back to the early 70's. I would love to do the same for the Jets, Knicks and Islanders.

-More Vintage

For all the Yankee cards I have in my collection; my pre-1973 Yankee collection is not very good. This is an area I would love to spend some time working on this upcoming year. I have some cards from then 1950's and a few more from the 1960's, but I would love to get as close to completing some team sets as possible. I know I might never own a Mickey Mantle card as he is very expensive, but if I can get close to completing some team sets, I might be able to justify my spending a little extra on some Mantles to finish off the sets.

I have already started picking up some vintage NY Jets cards from the 1960's, including picking up my first Joe Namath card from a 1971 Topps game. I would love to pick up some more as well as grabbing some early 1960's NY Titans cards.

The vintage pick ups doesn't have to end with sports cards, oh no. There are a lot of other cool stuff I want. This past year I picked up a 1969 NY Jets program from Shea Stadium. I would love to grab some more as well as old Yankee, Knicks, Islander programs. I have also kept my eye on those old Yankee popcorn holders that turn into megaphones from the 1950's, pins, pucks, etc. There just so many vintage items that can be added for a great price.


I love Jerseys. I think they look great and I love wearing them. Problem with them is they are usually just so expensive. I'm not a big fan of knock-off's which is why I have to save up and buy them directly from the stores.

There are a couple I would really love to add to my wardrobe this year:

Mike Bossy

Patrick Ewing

Joe Namath
Mickey Mantle

Martin Brodeur Throwback

I actually have the Devils Throwback jersey. It's never been worn and it has a plain back. I have been meaning to customize it to a Brodeur jersey, but I want his original #29 on the back along with the NHL Anniversery patch as well as the NJ Devils 10th anniversey patch on the lower back by the CCM logo. I would love to have the jersey look like the one he wore when he came up with the team.

I realize I have to be careful buying jerseys off the internet. There are a lot of fakes out there and as a jersey novice, I could be taken for a sucker by one of these places.

-Add More Player PC

I have a few players who I currently collect. Right now, I collect Tino Martinez, Mark Teixeira, Mike Bossy, Martin Brodeur, Patrick Ewing and Wayne Chrebet. I collect anything with their likeness from cards, to figures to magazines, even cereal boxes have made their way into my player collections. I'm always on the hunt for more.

-Autographs, Autographs, Autographs

This past year I rediscovered my love of autographs. I have been adding to my collection either in person or through the mail or buying the autographs certified. This year, I would like to continue adding to my collections. I am working on Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Islanders and Devils players. I have also been working on a signed puck collection from NHL 500 Goal Scorers and I want to continue that as well. I will also look to add Hall Of Famers and other players of importance to my collection.

There are other things I would love to pick up like game used items, but stuff like that is too expensive. Maybe one day I could add a Tino game used bat or a Martin Broduer game used stick.

Hopefully this is a list that I can stick with. Of course, not everything can and will be accomplished but if I can get as much of this list in the new year I will consider it a successful one.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My First Visit To Met Life Stadium

I have been a Jets fan since the 1980 season. Dispite being a Jets fan for so long, I have only been to about 4 games. 1 at Shea Stadium and the other 3 at Giants Stadium, including the final game there. So whenever I get a chance to go to a Jets game I leap at the opportnity. One of my bosses at work gave me the owner of the company's seats for today's game against the San Diego Chargers. Would have liked to have seen a win today, especially since I have yet to see a Jets home loss, but alas, today was the day that streak ended. But enough with the unpleasent stuff. On to the pictures.

The view from my seats

Holiday Greetings from the Jets

Yes, The Sexy Geek wanted to have his picture taken

Game On!

I got autographs from former Jets Tony Richardson and Ken O'Brien.


I love that helmet card. I'm going to see if I can find those and use them for TTM'ing.

I was also able to go home with a free Snoopy doll, which will go with the Snoopy bobbleheads I have, a banner, foam finger and t-shirt. I was also able to add a new bobblehead SGA to my collection. They give you a card and you take it to any participating P.C. Richards and you get this:

Ok, I didn't get just 1 card. I got a bunch and walked away with 3 Muhammed Wilkinson bobbleheads. Actually, 4. My buddy gave his. I'm keping one and trading the other 3. Looking for Yankee, Jets, Knicks and Islanders bobbles as well as baseball HOF'ers.

I had a great time at the game. The stadium is beautiful and I hope I can go back and see multiple games over the next few years. It's a great place to watch a football game plus the food is pretty good too. If you can get to watch a game at Met Life Stadium, I would highly reccomend it.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Bossy and a TTM Success!

I love nothing more than opening my mailbox and finding envelopes full of cards, autographs or other goodies. Going to the Post Office has been something I look forward to during my lunch breaks and when I see something in my box, I'm happy. It helps when I have a bad morning at the office. Makes me a lot happier to go back.

So, what did I get?

I picked up this NHL Legends Bossy/Pavel Bure Essence Of The Game insert. I am sorely lacking on Bossy inserts, so I have to pick up the pace and this addition is a step in the right direction.

I also grabbed this 2012 ITG Superlative Bossy game used jersey card. I got a great deal on it, so I pulled the trigger on it.

Former Denver Bronco/New York Jet Steve Atwater signed my pic and custom in 17 days. Atwater was an 8 time Pro Bowl selection and a 2 time Super Bowl Champion with the Broncos. He played with Denver from 1989-98 before winding up his career with a year with the Jets.

The end of one week, the beginning of another. Hope there's more goodies in my mailbox.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some Bossy Love For The Sports Room

Late last week, I picked up some Mike Bossy cards off ebay for my Bossy PC (Player Collection). I haven't been able to add any new cards to the collection for sometime. I was able to pick up 3 nice new cards. I bought 1 jersey card, 1 insert and one "vintage" card. The first card arrived today.

I picked up this for about 3.00. This is a 1985-86 NHL Collectors Series card #12. This was part of a set of 25 cards that was distributed by 7-Eleven stores across Canada. This is not like a regular card. This has a glossy finish and is made of thicker stock, almost has a plastic feel to it. It's the size of a credit card, which is what I guess they were going for.

The back of the card gave you some information about the team who's card you snagged. There was a card for each team in the NHL at the time, I believe. These cards were made by Super Star Sports. I tried to find some info about Super Star Sports, but was unable to find anything.

Anytime you can add an oddball/Food card like this one for a low price, I think you should jump at it. These premium cards can be hard to find at times. Whenever I see one for a player or team I collect and it's affordable, 9 times out of 10 it will be added to my collection.

Hope the rest of the goodies arrive soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Goodies and a TTM

God, I love mail days. I could be having the worst day, but when I get to my post box and see that yellow slip or an envelope inside, then I know my day just got better. Yesterday, I saw both so I did the happy dance in the post office. Think of the dance Snoopy used to do and that would be my dance. After getting more than a few stares and weird looks from people at the post office, I went to claim my package.

I got a nice sized box from my buddy, Philly Dave. He sent over some real nice goodies. a box of Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Islander and Devils cards were inside as well as these goodies.

This scarf was given away during the Jets/Patriots debacle. It will keep my neck warm if I don't hang myself with it first.

A sweet Nick Mangold bobblehead for my Jets bobblehead collection. I need more of these SGA bobbleheads. I kind of regret not picking up the Tomlison bobblehead at the card show last weekend.

There was also these awesome adds to the Yankees PC collection.

2012 Topps Heritage Bobby Richardson on card auto. I love these autos and I need more in my Yankees autograph PC. I need to send Richardson a ball to have him sign. I would love to add a signed baseball to my Yankees collection.

2009 Sweet Spot Dave Winfield game used jersey card. Another I need for the Yankee signed ball collection.

2000 Upper Deck Yankee Legends Elston Howard Legendary Lumbar bat piece. I don't have much Elston Howard in my Yankees collection, so I was pleased when I saw this beauty in with the cards.

My one TTM was from former NY Jets linebacker, Al Atkinson. Atkinson played with the Jets from 1965-1974. He was an AFL All Star in 1968 as well as a member of the world championship team. Atkinson signed 3/3 for me in black pen in 10 days.



I said it before, I'll say it again. God, I love maildays.