Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Teixeira Cards For Me

This week, I was able to add 5 new game used cards to my Mark Teixiera collection. 2 of them came off eBay, while the other 3 came from one of my team collectors, so a big thanks to you Todd for the the new additions.

I picked this up this 2005 Donruss Prime Patches Triple Game Used Portraits card off eBay. The card has game used pieces of his glove, shoe and bat and is numbered 71/150. I got this bad boy for under 10.00 shipped.

Here's another eBay purchase for the Tex collection. I picked up this 2012 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection game used card with pinstripe for under 5.00 shipped. There is a slight problem though. If you look at the card, right under the lower corner, above his name, you will see a crease. There is a matching crease running right through the Clubhouse Collection wording. This might have happened because the seller shipped the card in a plain white envelope and in a penny sleeve. What a dork. I'm contemplating leaving negative feedback on eBay for him. I know I paid less than 5.00, but maybe the seller will learn for future reference in case they ship a high dollar card out.

The next three cards came from my buddy Todd. He sent me a bunch of stuff and these were for the Teixeira PC. Up first is this 2002 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Freshman Fiber bat card.

Next is another Donruss 2005 Prime Patches Portraits card. This bat card is numbered 12/100.

And finally, this sweet Leaf 2003 Certified Materials Blue Mirror bat card numbered 34/50. I have been eyeing this on eBay, as well as one similar for my Tino Martinez PC. This card is a great addition. Thank you so much Todd. Hope I can add more to the collection in the upcoming weeks.

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