Monday, May 5, 2014

Small, But Very Cool.

I am always looking to add new bobbleheads to my collection. Especially Yankees bobbleheads. I haven't really picked up any new bobbleheads for the collection lately, so I am pretty behind on additions. Unfortunately, work is slow right now, so I have to watch what I spend my money on. Until things pick up, my bobblehead additions will be few.

But things can sometimes go in my favor. Case in point, this past Saturday I was hanging out with my friend at a flea market in Fishkill, NY. I had been there before looking stuff to pick up. The Yankee items I see in various booths are either in poor condition, something I already own or too pricey, so I usually pass on what the dealers are peddling.

I visited this one table that I had purchased items from before. This dealer usually has a wide variety of goodies for sale. From sports items to pop culture items, this dealer has some pretty nice stuff. Problem is all his good stuff is pretty expensive. I did see this one small Yankees item that I became very interested in, especially since I never seen it before. The price was a whopping $2.00.  Easy decision. It came home with me.

What I had bought was a Baseline Bopper. It was made in the late 1990's by a toy company called ERTL.  I had seen these before, except made as cars. I had never seen them in an airplane before, which is why I snatched it up quickly.

Here is an example of the the cars look like

I have been looking for the car at a decent price for a while and instead, I find the airplane.
Here are some shots of this tiny beauty:

The propeller actually work.

I love finding pieces like this to add to my Yankees collection. It's something like this that makes the hunt so exciting and gratifying when you come across unique items. Yeah, I know it's not much, but anytime I can diversify my collection with different items, all relating to the Yankees, then I'm a happy man.

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