Monday, June 10, 2013

New Card Haul: 2013 Topps Archive Football. My Target Finally Does Something Right!

I have to say that the Target I shop at stinks. It's full of the rudest people you will ever meet and they usually don't have anything  I'm ever looking for. I can't tell you how many time I went in there looking for a blaster of cards or a toy for my non sports collection. Heck, sometimes they don't even have the dog food I am looking for.

So, when I went in for some household items recently, I didn't expect to find anything in the sports card section except a messed up Yugioh section and workman's cart blocking the sports cards. You can imagine my utter shock when not only was the Yugioh cards cleaned up and there was no large cart in the aisle, but there was actually new products for my greedy, selfish, misery self to grab at. And best of all, there was no one around, so the cards were mine, all mine! Mwhahahahahahaha!

After picking myself off the ground, wipping the tears from my eyes and pinching myself a dozen times to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I grabbed a blaster of 2013 Topps Archive Football and a rack pack of 2012-13 Panini Past And Present Basketball (which I will discuss in a later blog) as well as my Gillette body wash and razors and left with the goods.

Once I got home I tore open the blaster and as soon as I opened the first pack of cards, I knew I was going to love this product and have fun with this break. I love the way these cards look. They sport either the 1959, 1976, 1985 or 1986 Topps card design and without the gloss that the newer cards usually have on them. These cards will be great for autographing, either through the mail or in person. Topps mixed todays players with players from NFL's past which will look great once the set is completed. Unfortunately, Topps through in a bunch of short prints and variations, so if your a completest, you will have a lot of work ahead of you finishing this set.

So, what did I get? Take a look:

Right off the bat, I love that 1000 Yards insert. Somewhere, I have a Wesley Walker 1000 yard insert like this one in my Jets PC.

Another insert from my childhood, the Super Action card. I remember having a Terry Bradshaw Super Action from 1981 Topps that I tresured. Before I became a Jets fan in 1980, I followed my best friend at the time and was a Steelers fan and Bradshaw was my favorite. Seeing that insert bought back some memories.

Love that picture of Josh Freeman in the old school creamsicle Bucs uni. Fits with the theme of the set. Also dig the gold parallel card as well.

Love that Patrick Willis commercial for Visa rewards.

Another blast from my childhood when I saw this Bradshaw card. I don't collect Bradshaw, but if I did, this card would be a sweet addition. I also dig that Jim Brown 1968 Stand Up card. I initally thought it was a sticker, but after looking at the checklist, I found I was wrong.

Any Jets?

I was a bit shocked. I never get any Jets when I break open packs or blasters. When I saw I pulled 4 Jets cards for my PC, I went and played Lotto (I lost).

I had a lot of fun opening this product and I know I will be picking up more blasters. I will also chase after all the Jets cards. Stephen Hill has a couple of autographs. Al Toon, Wayne Chrebet, Wesley Walker and Vinny Testeverde are included in the Fan Favorites autograph checklist. Darrelle Revis and Stephen Hill have relics in the 1962 Relics set. I can definitely see myself going to eBay to try to get those cards.

I won't try to complete the set. I will either trade or use the cards i get for autographs. But, I will recommend this set for collectors my age and older. Collectors who grew up buying cards that had no gloss unless they were a part of a special set. Collectors, like me, who remember buying cards just to get your favorite teams and players, not for the questionable game used equipment cards or shiny inserts. Getting gum was the pull of the pack. Collectors like me will enjoy this product because it will most likely bring back a ton of memories of opening packs of cards similar to these and had fun doing so. That's what collecting should be all about and I'm glad there are products like this that helps remind me why I started collecting cards in the first place.

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