Monday, March 18, 2013

New Teixeria Additions

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Mark Teixeira fan. So much that he is the focus of one of my player collections. I'm currently collection Tex, Tino Martinez and Roberto Clemente for baseball, Wayne Chrebet for football, Mike Bossy and Martin Brodeur for hockey and David Lee and Patrick Ewing for basketball. A lot of player collections, I know. But it makes collecting that much more fun because you not just limited to cards. There are other stuff like bobble heads, figurines, magazines and other oddball items you can add to your collections.

Right now, my Teixeria collection stands at 281 different cards in my collection. I believe there are a few more that I'm sitting on that I haven't scanned yet, so that number may grow. My goal is to have 400 different Teixeria cards by the end of 2013. I believe that's a goal I can easily attain if I keep spending money, lol. 

Here are the newest additions:

These are from different members in my Team Collectors community

My buddy Kerry sent me these Tex cards as well as a Braves schedule with Teixeria on it's cover

I'm hoping Tex will be back this season. The wrist injury he suffered while hitting off a tee while with Team USA seems to be more serious than initially thought. The Yankees will need his bat nd glove at first base if they have a shot at repeating as AL East Division Champions. Maybe one day I will post my favorite Teixeira cards in my collection. I just wanted to update this blog as I have not done so in a while, concentrating on other things. With baseball season coming soon, I will be posting more often on here. Hopefully, it will be a great season for Tex and the Yankees.

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