Sunday, January 20, 2013

Issues With My Blog

So, I have been wanting to post a blog for a while, but for some reason, I can't post pics. I tried to post from my computer at work (relax, I was at lunch) and the same thing happened. I'm unable to post any pictures.

Until I figure out how to fix the problem or just restart this blog elsewhere, I won't be able to post anything. Really sucks too.

Anyone have any idea's?

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  1. I have encountered a similar problem lately with Blogger. I open the Picture Icon, select Upload but the radio button for Browse wont open. So to post pictures I have 2 options, I use my Phototbucket account (free) and then upload "from a URL". Or I upload directly to Picasa which is what supports Blogger Pictures and then select "from Picasa web albums" and select from there. Hope I helped !