Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Post From The Room-Recent Islander Adds

Welcome to The Sexy Geeks Sports Room, here in the House Of Swag. From this room, I will show off all my sports related goodies. From sports cards, to autographs. From bobbleheads to programs and so on and so forth. Anything Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Islanders and Devils related will be shown off here. So, grab a beer and a handful of chips and check out what I added.

With the recent announcement of the New York Islanders move to Brooklyn in 2015, I decided to dedicate more time to my Islanders collection. I recently had a conversation with a friend who I grew up with. We shared memories of our youth over cold beers and he mentioned that he might still have a pic that his mom snapped of he and I playing hockey as 10 year olds on a frozen pond by his home. I think I remember the picture he was refering to which had him in his Rangers jersey and me with my Mike Bossy model hockey stick that a kid just gave me. If he does find it, I will post it here.

He was shocked to find out I also root for the Devils. Before he left, he reminded me to remember my roots which, in hockey, are Orange and Blue. I never forgot my roots. I just left them in the past for a bit. But, I did promise myself that if the Isles stayed, I would finally buy that Mike Bossy jersey I have been wanting for a few years.

I recently made a trade on and got these Islander game used cards

And from ebay, I got this John Tavares auto dirt cheap.

And added a few Bossy base to the Bossy PC

With the NHL on strike and no end in sight, this will be as close to hockey I will be able to get for a while. Hope the strike ends soon.

Hope you enjoyed your stay in the Sports Room. Please leave your empty beer mug on the bar and hope to see you soon.


  1. Mike,

    Great first post. Can't wait to see that "when they were kids" photo if its found.

    The NHL strike is driving me a little nutty (well nuttier than normal). Times like this I'm thankful for the internet and being able to purchase sports memorabilia year round.

    1. Thanks Kirk. He told me the other day he was looking for it, but so far has come up empty.

      The NHL calling off the Winter Classic might have been the last straw. I never thought they would have cancelled their biggest regular season game. When they did, it made me realize that this might be a lost season, which stinks. Each time the NHL gets closer to fan acceptance in the US, it has a damaging strike. You woyld think Bettman would learn. The NHL is going to have to bend over backwards to get back fans this time, I think.